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Blue Power – Excellence in casting technology for more than 20 years.

Blue Power Casting Systems

The BLUE POWER CASTING SYSTEMS team would like to welcome you on our website. We are pleased to provide advice and help in finding the perfect turnkey solution for your company. Whether you are interested in casting technology or the production of metal powders, you can rely on our professionals in your sector.

Blue Power team

BLUE POWER CASTING SYSTEMS develops and produces plants for the manufacture of metal powders as well as casting and melting plants. Our casting plants are used for metal precision casting usually using lost-wax casting. Our melting furnaces are used mainly in the recycling industry. However, many foundries also use them for metal melting and subsequent manual casting. Continuous casting machines and granulating systems for the production of semi-finished products complete our range of products. In addition, we offer a complete range of materials such as crucibles, stopper rods, dies, flasks etc. – specially developed and perfectly adapted to suit your plants.

We look forward to receiving your inquiry – follow this link to find your personal contact.

Your BLUE POWER team

Our history


The three young casting machine specialists, Peter Hofmann, Klaus Schmidt and Eckhard Scheer, together found Indutherm Erwärmungsanlagen GmbH to develop casting machines mainly for the jewellery industry. The company’s head offices are based at the home of the Hofmann family and the garages and former agricultural store rooms are converted into production workshops.

The three founders have a clear concept. As opposed to machines built by the majority of competitors, they develop all the main components themselves and produce them in-house – tailor-made to the application and the requirements of the target group. Above all, the development of proprietary induction generators – the core of each machine – secures a technological lead right from the start.
The range of machines on offer comprises three vacuum pressure casting machines (VC 200, 300 and 500) and a continuous casting machine (CC 420).

Indutherm exhibits its machines at leading jewellery fairs, such as Inhorgenta and Baselworld. They start setting up a world-wide sales and service network.

For the first time, Indutherm joins research projects such as the European CRAFT project which is backed by the EU. The team is involved in various CRAFT projects for more than a decade – and have been members of many other research projects to this day.

The first fully automated vacuum pressure casting machine, the VC 600, expands the portfolio.

The original company premises have long become too small. The new company building is built in Walzbachtal-Wössingen and inaugurated on 1 December 2001 in the presence of customers, suppliers and business partners.

The sales division is expanded to cater for other branches of industry. Indutherm attends an industrial trade fair for the first time, Euromold in Frankfurt.

Indutherm develops a vibration system for vacuum pressure casting. It considerably improves mould filling as well as overall casting quality – an absolute novelty in this machine category. The new top-of-the-range model, the VC 600 V with vibration, not only wins awards but also becomes an international market success.

The MC 15 is the first compact bench-top casting machine comprising complex technology to be launched onto the market. Its function is based on the tilting casting principle and quickly finds numerous convinced users in the jewellery industry, in rapid prototyping and in dental labs.
The MC 15 forms the cornerstone of an entire family of MC machines.

The existing company building is extended by an additional building providing almost double the surface area.
New processes and machines, such as a tilting casting machine for highly reactive metals and a horizontal continuous casting machine, are launched in several research projects in collaboration with a number of universities.

In another research project (in collaboration with the University of Bremen), a powder atomisation plant is developed for the production of small metal powder batches and is brought to production maturity by the end of 2014.

In the meantime, Indutherm is represented by sales and service partners in 65 countries.

BluePower Casting Systems GmbH is founded as a subsidiary to enhance our services to the specific requirements of the industrial casting and additive manufacturing segments. The main areas of activity are currently in powder metallurgy, in particular the development of alternative manufacturing methods for highly specialized metal powders. Blue Power Powder Atomization Plants and Air Classifiers have been developed from R&D projects allowing further research based on first-class technology.

Indutherm Erwärmungsanlagen GmbH continues to serve the jewellery casting and dental casting segments.

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