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17. May 2018

Now also for the separation of oxidizing and explosive metal powders: the new Air Classifier AC 1000 G and AC 1000 GS

The first generation of our air classifier, developed for smaller quantities of metal powder, has already been very well received by the market. After all, it is essential for many projects, especially in laser melting or PIM applications, to have powders with certain particle sizes with closely defined tolerances. Often, neither commercial nor self-produced metal powders are within this narrow tolerance range. In this case, further separation according to different particle diameters is the only way to obtain the desired size distribution. These special requirements occur particularly in research and development or in the production of prototypes, individual pieces and small series, i.e. whenever experimenting with many different alloys or different particle sizes. By this reason, the development focus has been on small-volume suitability: simple, but precisely controllable classification, easy removal of powder batches and above all easy cleaning to avoid cross-contamination.

Blue Power Air Classifier

Optimized handling

The new generation has been optimized, especially regarding the latter points. The flow behavior has been optimized to be able to define the size distribution even more precisely. Likewise, it was possible to improve the ergonomics: by central layout of the operating touch screen, optimal accessibility of the components and simplified cleaning. The motor/turbine unit can now be raised much more easily by means of an integrated crane with pulley and cleaned of powder residues. In addition, the new Air Classifier AC 1000 is more compact than its predecessor and therefore requires less floor space.

Separation of oxidizing and explosive metal powders

However, the most significant advances are the optionally available “G” or “GS” versions. The Air Classifier AC 1000 G allows separation under a protective gas atmosphere. This greatly reduces potential oxidation in rapidly oxidizing metals. In addition, the GS version is an explosion-proof version that can be used to safely process explosive metals such as aluminum, magnesium, zirconium or titanium alloys.

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