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24. November 2020

Ultrasonic Atomizer Solution by BLUE POWER and AMAZEMET – from alloy creation to powder within 1 hour

Ultrasonic Atomizer by Blue Power and Amazemet

BLUE POWER has combined its 25 years of experience in induction melting technology with AMAZEMET’s know-how in Ultra-High Temperature Ultrasonic Technology and materials science. Together we have developed an extremely compact Ultrasonic Atomization Unit for R&D purposes and small powder batch production.

High-quality powders in your own special alloys can be produced within 1 hour with our ultrasonic atomizer solution. The system can also take feedstock in almost any form, prevents the evaporation of alloy ingredients and allows the production of very small batch sizes down to ~ 100 g or below. Larger production capacity with up to several kg (bronze) per hour is possible.

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