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Continuous Casting Machines

The Blue Power CC/VCC Series Continuous Casting Machines – our 4 in 1 Multitools

(Vacuum) continuous casting of wires, sheet and tubes with numerous options for cutting or sawing into sections during casting, for bending or coiling. VCC series with inert gas/vacuum system for the melting chamber

Production of granules with the easy to install granulation tank

Production of multi-layer rings and bracelets with the optional sintering/diffusion bonding kit

Casting into ingot molds or any other molds

More flexibility, lower costs

With an Indutherm continuous casting machine, you can produce your own alloys or semi-finished products in different shapes and sizes in the shortest time:

  • Wires or bars up to ø 90 mm 
  • Sheet and strips, e.g. ring production, for stamping and pressing
  • Tubes, perfect as basic material for cutting in sections for wedding ring production
  • Granules 

The use of a continuous casting machine can reduce your investment for material in storage considerably. Your processes will get faster, more flexible and more efficient.

Our continuous casting machines are equipped with a number of unique details which substantially improve the quality of the semi-finished material, e.g. the unique vacuum system or the quattro drive drawing system.

Maximum versatility

With a wide range of optionally available equipment the versatility of these machines may be enhanced even more.

Granulation tank 

The easy to install granulation tank makes each CC machine even more versatile. For details about granulation and about available tank sizes visit our page “Granulation

Sintering kit

Sintering is the optimum process for producing multi-coloured rings, mostly sold as wedding rings, or bracelets. Metals are processed under pressure and at temperatures below the solidification point. The pressure is generated pneumatically and not mechanically via a threaded spindle. This means that there is no risk of graphite parts breaking as a result of heat expansion. The fusion between layers has the same durability as the metal itself.

The sintering kit is ideal for the occasional diffusion bonding job and for smaller series production.

Bar casting kit

The bar casting kit is developed for casting defined quantities of your alloy into ingot molds or into any other molds.

The program control recognizes the applicated equipment and provides the suited parameter settings on the display.

Unique vacuum system

For highest quality of semi-finished material:

To reduce the risk of oxidation during melting and during drawing, we focus on avoiding oxygen contact and on fast reduction of the temperature of the drawn material.

Features for fast temperature reduction: 

  • Cooling water temperature measurement and automatic flow control
  • Optical temperature measurement in the center of the die
  • Die cooler
  • Additional secondary cooling system at the outlet

Features to avoid oxygen contact: 

  • Inert gas system for the melting chamber
  • Vacuum system for the melting chamber – uniquely available for Indutherm continuous casting machines (VCC versions)
  • Inert gas flushing at the die
  • Optical die temperature measurement
  • Additional secondary cooling system

All these measures are ideal especially for alloys containing copper such as red gold or for silver as these materials tend to oxidise easily.

Quattro Drive System

On each of our continuous casting machines, the material is drawn off by motor driven and pneumatically pressed-on feed rolls. A bar end control sensor stops automatically when the molten material is spent. The optional Quattro Drive drawing unit with four instead of two motor driven feed rolls produces smoother tubes and sheeting with reduced marks of transportation.

Continuous Casting Machine

Quattro Drive system