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GU series | Granulating Systems

The GU series granulating systems

Granulieranlagen GU-Serie Granules made with Blue Power granulating unitThese granulating systems (also called “shotmakers”) are developed especially for granulating bullions, sheet metal or casting residues into proper grains. The granulating tanks are very easy to remove for clearing.

Pull-out handle for easy removal of the tank insert. (1) Pour off the residual water… (2) … and then pour off the granules (3).

The GU machines are available with crucible sizes from 245 ccm up to 12,000 ccm.

The major applications are

  • Preparation of alloys out of gold and master alloy…
  • Preparation of alloy components…
  • Preparation of alloys from components…
  • Cleaning up of already casted metal…

…under inert gas atmosphere or under vacuum

More about Granulating Systems:

The granulating tank for casting machines in the VC and CC series

GranuflasksThe optional equipment of a vacuum pressure or a continuous casting machine with a granulating tank is a suitable solution for occasional granulating. Granulating tanks are available for all machines in the VC series from VC 400 up to the VC 12000 and for all CC machines.

Main advantages:

  • Easy installation of the granulating tank
  • Fast changing between casting process and granulating
  • Ergonomically and perfectly balanced design for safe and easy handling
  • Optimised streaming behaviour of the cooling water
  • Reliable separation of water and granules