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MC 20 V

Kompakte Tischgießanlage MC 20 V

Overview MC 20 V

The tabletop casting machine MC 20 V with vibration technology:
cutting-edge technology in the most compact space.

  • For graphite and for ceramic crucibles, temperature up to 2000° C
  • Very easy and safe to use, short implementation time
  • Excellent price-performance ratio
  • 3,5 kW induction generator for quickly reaching the melting temperature
  • Thorough through-mixing of molten metals using low-frequency induction tuning
  • Melting under vacuum or inert gas to prevent oxidation
  • Top quality form filling using overpressure of up to 3 bars (casting under vacuum also possible)
  • Economical consumables


Download technical data [PDF]

More about MC 20 V

VibrationTechnologyThe MC 20 V is designed based on the same tilting principle as the MC 16. However it is systematically designed for intricate casting projects in continuous operation in larger foundries.

Latest generation generators

The MC 20 V is equipped with a latest generation induction generator, developed especially for this housing design and with high operating efficiency. Convenient, high precision control is provided via a new operating system with full text LCD display and program control.

Casting machine MC 20 V with vibration technology

The tabletop casting machine MC 20 V is equipped with our multi-award winning vibration system. Using vibration when casting ensures better form filling, creating casts with greater, more consistent densities, higher elasticity and greatly reduced porosity. Vibration technology is a compelling alternative to the frequently used and relatively delicate centrifugal systems, especially when casting platinum or palladium.

Technical data MC 20 V

power max. / electrical connection3.5 kW 230 V single phase
temperature max.2000° C
casting volume60 g Cu
110 g steel / 200 g Pt
for flask sizeup to ø 30/50/65/80 mm x 80 mm H
handling and control
control panelLCD display
automatic vacuum function++
automatic overpressure function++
casting also under vacuum only++
vacuum or overpressure after casting++ -1 up to +3 bar
washing by inert gas++
vibration system++
supply: co⁣oling water, inert gas argon or nitrogen++
temperature measurement/control++ up to 2.000° C
quality control
RS 232, diagnostic system++
GSM modem for remote serviceoo
vacuum investment mixer Indumix 2oo
furnace AK 20, 1,100°Coo
sand blasting cabinetoo
vacuum pumpoo (min. 8m3/h)
flo⁣or unit--
= standard equipment | = not available | = optional

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