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AU series / AC series | Plants for metal powder production

Blue Power Atomiser and Air Classifier: for production of specialized metal powders


Blue Power is a leading manufacturer of plants for the production of metal powders in small batches. Our atomizers and air classifiers are covering the entire process from powder production to classification.

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BLUE POWER Atomisers AU 1000 – AU 12000

Powder particle size for every request

The BLUE POWER atomisation plants have been particularly designed for the flexible and economic production of small-scale metal powder batches. Traditional large-scale production plants cannot provide this economic advantage. Frequently changing alloys in production require high cleaning efforts to avoid cross contamination. Particularly in R&D or precious metal powder applications small amounts of various kinds of powder are frequently required, often also new types of alloy powder not available on the market. Especially fast developing applications like SLM and MIM require more and more specialised metal powder.

High quality metal powders

Our atomisers produce spherical, flowable metal powders with mean particle sizes between ~1 and 200 µm for e.g. additive manufacturing, soldering or foam sintering processes, as well as MIM and other powder metallurgy procedures. To obtain specific metal powder characteristics, the  AU machines work with different easy-to-change nozzle systems: free fall and close coupled atomisation nozzles. Flow optimisation in the spray chamber ensures an increased powder quality (avoidance of satellites).

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Blue Power Air Classifier AC 1000

BLUE POWER Air Classifier AC 1000

For easy and reliable separation of metal powders: the Air Classifier AC 1000

The ‚Air Classifier‘ AC1000 allows the economical and flexible classification of small powder batches. It is suitable for the separation of metal powders < ca. 200 µm into fine and coarse powder fractions especially also in the range < 25 µm, where conventional sieving operations fail.

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