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VC 650 V Vacuum Pressure Casting Machine


Overview VC 650 V Vacuum Pressure Casting Machine

Die Vakuum-Druck-Gießanlage VC 650 V mit Sweep Mode Vibration System

Die VC 650 V sichert mit ihrem technologischen Standard höchste Effizienz – durch ein Maximum an Schnelligkeit und Gussqualität. 12 kW Leistung und Maximaltemperaturen von 1.700° bis 2.000° C je nach Ausführung ermöglichen die Verarbeitung eines weiten Spektrums an Legierungen. Das Sweep Mode Vibration System, bis zu 3 bar Überdruck und das Turbo Pressure PLUS-System sind weitere wesentliche Faktoren für einen hocheffizienten Gießbetrieb.

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More about VC 650 V Vacuum Pressure Casting Machine

VC 650 V Vacuum Pressure Casting Machine. The absolute “State of the art“-machine with vibration technology for maximum casting quality.

New programm control system 
Thanks to a new control panel with real text LCD display, all programs and parameters are very easy and comfortable to set.
100 casting programs guarantee fast operation and consistent casting results.

Turbulence reduction software

This is a new system for a faster and more laminar metal flow.

Turbo Pressure PLUS

The filling of the flask using fast overpressure allows the casting of very filigree parts and casting with stones. Now with reduced gas consumption and with an even faster pressure degree.

The Indutherm Vibration System

The vibration technology (pat. pending) is the most important of all technical features. Independent scientific studies show that:

  • Vibration during casting is generally improving material flow and mould filling. The new sweep mode vibration system can even more: it considers that each casting tree and even each item of a tree has a different resonance frequence, depending on its shape and size. The sweep mode vibration generating variable frequencies covers all natural resonances.
  • Castings exhibit a higher and more consistent density for all tested alloys and shapes.
  • Porosity is substantially reduced.
  • Risk of hot cracks is reduced.
  • 50% smaller grains
  • Castings have greater stress and elasticity properties, making them easier to process further.

In practice this means:
higher and more consistent casting quality, less waste, less post-processing, more possibilities for further processing.

A customer in the USA has discovered that by using Indutherm vibration technology the total production time including post-processing has been reduced by 25% (compared with the older VC 600).

Technical data VC 650 V Vacuum Pressure Casting Machine

Leistung max. / el. Anschluss12 kW 3x400 V
Temperatur max.1700° C (1850° C mit direkter induktiver Erwärmung, 2000° C als HTC-Version)
Tiegelvolumen++ 245 ccm = 2,1 kg Cu *
oo 386 ccm = 3,3 kg Cu *
oo 700 ccm = 6,0 kg Cu *
für Küvetten bisø 130 mm / 240 mm H
optional bisø 160 mm / 400 mm H
Bedienung und Kontrolle
Vibrations-Technologie++ mit wechselnden Frequenzen
pneumatische Glockenverriegelung++
Überdruck max.3 bar
ProgrammsteuerungLCD-Display mit Volltextanzeige
duale Temperatur-Messung++
regelbares Vakuum in Küvettenkammer++
Turbo Pressure PLUS System++
Turbulence Reduction Software++
RS 232, Diagnosesystem++
GSM-Modem für Fernwartung++
Sinter-Kit (zum Diffusions-Schweißen)oo
granulation tankoo
* Flüssiges Metall bis Tiegeloberkante
= standard equipment | = not available | = optional

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