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Continuous casting: Technical features

Drawing unit for 3 or 5 wires

AbzieheinheitFor the simultaneous casting of 3 wires (CC 1000) or 5 wires (CC3000).

Bending unit

stranggiessenUsing the bending unit attached to the bottom drawer, the material can be bent without mechanical force on the die.

Hydraulic cutter

hydraulische-schereThe hydraulic cutter with a cutting force of 30 tons allows to cut easily sheet up to 10x100mm and wire.

GSM Modem

gsm-modemAll INDUTHERM machines with an induction generator may be equipped with a GPS modem for remote service. INDUTHERM machines are in operation world wide, very often far away from INDUTHERM or from the next INDUTHERM sales representative. The GPS modem allows us to set up a remote connection with the machine and check all important parameters. That way the set up can be adapted in order to avoid operating trouble. In case of disturbances or complicated casting procedures we can help quickly and easily.

Granulating tank system

granuliertank-einheitEvery continuous casting machine can be modified into a granulating machine within a short time.


hebekranThe crane can be very useful especially when granulating.


plattformThe movable platform is a reliable help for the operator.