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Vacuum Pressure Casting

INDUTHERM machines are suitable to melt and cast metals of high melting temperature. According to the model, they can also melt steel. Also alloys or metal with a low melting point such as Aluminium may be easily processed with them.

Operation principle of our Vacuum Pressure Casting Machines:

Schmelztiegel-klappeThe basic idea of the INDUTHERM vacuum/pressure casting machines is to close the cover and start the heating up once the machine has been filled with casting material.
The temperature may be selected by hand or it may be programed depending on the model you are working with.
The material is molten under protective gas to avoid oxidation. The melting procedure may be observed through the viewing window. The crucible is placed centrally in the upper part of the air-tight closed aluminium case in the core of the induction spool.

einfuellenIn the meantime the flask with the heated up casting form is placed in the lower part of the aluminium case (vacuum chamber). The vacuum chamber is tilted and docked under the crucible. For the casting process the crucible is set under pressure and the flask under vacuum. The difference of pressure leads the liquid metal into the finest ramification of the form.
The vacuum avoids bubbles and porosity.

einsetzen-kuevetteAfterwards the vacuum chamber is opened and the flask may be removed.
Most machines are equipped with a flask lift which pushes the flask towards the caster. This simplifies the removal of the flask.

Additional possiblities:

  • Production of alloys
  • Granulating (with an additional granulating flask)
  • Casting of ingots – instead of a flask an ingot form has to be inserted
  • Sintering/Diffusion welding: with the sinter-kit all Indutherm vacuum/pressure casting machines may be used for sintering

Technical features