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Vacuum Pressure Casting: Technical Features

Technical Features / Glossary Program control – Oxidation reduced casting – GPS Modem – Turbo-Pressure function – Flask temperature measurement

Program control system of the fully automatic VC machines
Thanks to a new control panel with real text LCD display, all programs and parameters are very easy and comfortable to set. 100 casting programs guarantee fast operation and con­sistent casting results. For all major alloys, e.g. for AGS, Alpha Plus, Heraeus, Legor and Pandora alloys, the parameters are pre-programmed. That means for you in practice: from the first flask on you can expect good casting results without making expensive pre-tests.

The control program does not only guarantee a high service comfort but it also renders the whole casting process in a quicker and safer way due to the exact reproducible casting results. The control of temperature, casting and overpressure/vacuum works automatically. All relevant parameters may be modified in the course of a casting cycle without interrupting the program. It is therefore possible to work out the optimal and reproducible process for every casting project. Hundred different processes may be programed and filed over the built-in printer. The turbo-pressure function starts precisely to a second and it guarantees optimal and regular results also in the case of filigree casting parts. The automatic mechanical functions as e.g. automatic opening and closing of the vacuum chamber enables the user to concentrate on the essential point: “the right casting”.

Oxidation reduced casting

Especially when casting silver and red gold, the high copper containts may cause oxidation of the casting tree. All machines from VC 400 onwards are equipped with a supplementary function which avoids this effect. All machines can be equipped with this option.


GSM-Modem All INDUTHERM machines with an induction generator may be equipped with a GPS modem for remote service. INDUTHERM machines are in operation world wide, very often far away from INDUTHERM or from the next INDUTHERM sales representative. The GPS modem allows us to set up a remote connection with the machine and check all important parameters. That way the set up can be adapted in order to avoid operating trouble. In case of disturbances or complicated casting procedures we can help quickly and easily.

Turbo-Pressure function

The turbo-pressure function optimizes the casting of very small and filigree items and guarantees a perfect casting with stones in the jewelry production. Thanks to turbo-pressure a very quick and exactly defined pressure increasement is achieved during the cast out. In the case of all fully automatic VC machines the turbo-pressure starts automatically according to the program chosen and can always be started at the same time, precisely within a second.

Flask temperature measurement

Kuevetten-Temperatur-MessungThanks to the digital control and recording over data printer as well as to the program control of our machines, we make it possible to reach a high process security and guarantee casting processes according to ISO Certificate.Up to now, the flasks with wrong or different temperature were a risk.
When casting very small or filigree parts, the flask temperature is decisive. Very often, the temperature indicated on the melting furnaces is not precise enough. The flask may also cool down between the removal from the furnace and the beginning of the casting process. The supplementary measurement of flask temperature (standard from VC 500 on) enables now the decisive security. The flask temperature can be precisely checked within 1° C.